Friday, May 8, 2009

has it really.....

been a month since i blogged!! im in shock, kinda worried cos normally i have something to say or spout nonsense of some sort. just think real life has got in the way in the past month. I am currently working in the after schools and filling in hours in the mornings in the creche too so i think thats why my blogging went out the window! TBH think it was also that i didnt have much to talk about. BUT NOW!!! yerp you guessed it i do! lol!

first things first so!! Our beautiful house is coming along, we now have internal doors, ok no handles on them yet but they are on the way! My delightful OH (have to put that in just in case he is reading has started tiling the downstairs loo, floor only mind but im sure he will get it finished (fingers crossed). the builders are up there today putting the stone on our sitting room wall and fireplace, im panicking that it will look hideous but OH assures me it wont! im praying it will turn out ok cos its not something you can just paint over! And speaking of painting we still have loads to do! jees when i see all this written down it seems we will never be in there. THINK POSITIVE KARINA!! easier said than done! ok ok im not going to be a dreary drawers planning on painting the kitchen ceiling over the weekend, and might tackle the kitchen walls too, havent a clue what colour paint we are putting on there but will have to decide pretty soon.

anway, house aside, crafty wise i have done feck all. i am heading to jackies workshop in june with jess so that will get me spurring on, plus i have promised some charity cards to claire and i promise claire i will get them finished and sent off to you. i have so many things swimming around inside my head at the moment i dont know whether im coming or going! this weather is diabolical i cant warm up, its impossible to know what clothes to actually wear, you look out and see a blue sky and say "ah shur i dont need a coat", your outside the door and there is a gale blowing. today has had to be the most miserable day, there are blue skies one minute then lashing rain the next! its crazy!!!

anyway thats enough crap to talk about today! nothing much interesting left to say (not that any of the above was interesting but it has helped me to make space in my brain for the other thousand things i have to think of) ;)

siging off!