Saturday, April 18, 2009

my week of crafting.




Sunny Saturday......

But not feeling really sunny on the inside. Feeling quite pre menstrual energy has dissapeared for the last 2 days and feeling bloated and fat! Why did got invent periods, jesus they are a pain in the proverbial, aswell as the back, stomach and anyway else the feckin cramps get ya. Hey ho, the joys of being a woman eh? Well im sure i will survive, always do, nothing about 10 paracetamol cant cure and a few vodlkas....kidding!

I havent blogged in a week I cant believe it, not like me to have nothing to say is it? Wouldnt mind but it hasnt been very busy, I just kinda filled in time faffing about a bit. Managed to make a few cards which i will post up in a bit so my mojo is still there (just about). I went and got my hair cut on Thursday to somebody i dont normally go to, had a cut and colour and she only charged me 40e i was in shock, i would normally pay 60-65e in kilkenny, so need i say more but she is my new hairdresser :). When i came home though i was sorry i didnt get it cut shorter, so after lots of looking in the mirror humming and hawing and consulting OH i decided feck it im going to. I rang the girl yesterday and im booked in for next friday, so the long locks are going....only to shoulder length, but thats a huge challenge for me considering my hair has been so long for ages! Time for a change, me thinks. I have taken a before pic fromt he other day and will post up the after pic next saturday, to give the full on "shock effect"!

Right Im starting to talk crap now, cos really have nothing else to tell ye, other than our heating boiler arrived the other day for the house, (see interesting isnt it) lol! OH had to pull it apart to see how it worked....tut! Men! they get excited about the most mundane things! lol!
ok im off to try and upload these pics of the cards i made, enough blabbing from me!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a beautiful day!!!!!

I had a "crafty" visitor Jess called up to me for a day of crafting and chatter. It was lovely,. even though my mojo wasnt in full swing I still managed to get 3 cards done, all with the same stamped image but cos I dont really do "simple" sytles of card i was trying to!
I think I achieved what I wanted...sort of. Jess had a few problems with her flaps again!!! DONT ASK! (she was trying to make a box). The weather was great this morning and I got loads of washing done which was hanging nicely dryin on the line, when I looked out and there is was spilling rain. But i rescued them and they are now drying on the radiator. The evening has turned wet, cold and miserable.

A big thank you to Jess for bringing up the yummy lemon cake, its gorgeous, FIL gave it the thumbs up too Jess!!! He thought it was lovely, MIL has competition with you! Right I think I will head down and do some cards, my OH has decided to abandon me and go up to the house to do some work so I will make the most of the peace and quiet.

Thats all for now!! Will post up the pics of the cards I made in a bit.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Right i needed to let off some nervous energy!!! so what bette rway the to blog it out of me!
The weather today is sooo much better than yesterday, I managed to fit my walk in, did a mile! thats pretty good! My mojo was swinging yesterday and made some cards lots more to do for challenges and easter etc...i know leaving it a bit late for the easter cards!

Today I decided to get into the Easter mood and make some chocolate bunnies, melting chocolate is about as far as my baking skills go...I was half thinking of making queen cakes...and thought better not, would be doubtful as to how they would turn out! lol! so i made the easter bunnies and they are cooling off in the fridge as i speak. i plan to put them in an easter card i made for Clive's 2 nephews in England, the easter card they are going into is one of the beautiful ones that i made in jackies workshop (that i still need to put a pic up of! )

i will post up a pic of the little bunnies when they are done, also have chocolate robots too! I dont really know what to do with myself today, I want to make cards but my mojo is slipping...I need to make cards, have loads of easter cards to get out to friends, im leaving it late i know! right off to see if i can do something with the rest of this nervous energy, hopefully it will form in the shape of some nice handmade cards.

will post what i make later!



Sunday, April 5, 2009

what a great day!

i spent today at jackies workshop in dublin again and it was great! i really enjoyed it! got to meet babs and lynda again and met pam and mandy for the first time, both are on the CS forum..

we had a good laugh today, although we were much quieter than we were the last day, lynda reckons its the atmospherics! i put that down to being disorganised and everything going wrong on me craft wise, aswell as having a few blonde moments this morning at the train station, such as nearly getting on the train to kerry and not having change for the parking so a really decent passer by lent me 2euro, she will be rewarded for this act of kindness i hope in some way!

babs very kindly picked me up from heuston, in her stylish coupe and dropped me back, hinting to make sure i get on the right train! tut! cheeky! lol! it was such a stress free way to travel and i sat back and relaxed the countryside whiz by on the way home, wow there are some amazing big houses in kildare on the way down!

came home and OH had my tea on for me (least he could do i was supposed to be watching sex and the city film but it didnt happen something wrong with it. thats my exciting day, will post again soon.