Friday, March 27, 2009

4 seasons in 1 day....

jees what a day it was today, we had sun, rain, hailstones and cold winds. it was horrible. now the sky is such a blue colour its amazing. I had decided to walk up to the post office today but by the time i had my coat and scarf on their was a massive hail shower so it was easier to jump in the car.

got some DG duties done today so im happy, had planned to go to KK today tile hunting but decided to leave it till tomorrow instead. My poor puddy cat needs to visit the vet tonite cos her eyes are looking funny and when i researched it on the net it said it may be an eye infection, then thanks to mandy on CCS she said it more than likely was so its off to the vet tonite with her. They are like kids, the problem is this eye infection can be contagious so lets hope Roger (other cat) doenst get it or we will be off to the vet with him too.

I havent blogged in ages, mainly cos i hadnt anything interesting to say as my life has been pretyt uneventful of late. The house is getting closer to completion, well thats what im telling myself in the hope that i will believe we have started to paint the ceilings (well i should really say that clive has started i have helped out last nite, which i feel bad about) but i hate painting ceilings i get a pain in my neck. i would prefer to pain walls anyday, so im sure when the wall painting starts it will allow me to make up for not doing too much ceiling painting. Is coming up to 2 years livin with the inlaws and it hasnt been THAT bad (she says as she thinks of all the times she has had to bite her tongue at some of her MIL's comments) but really it hasnt! ;)
ill just keep telling myself it will be all worth it in the end, when im sitting in that jacuzzi bath with a voddy and coke! oh i cant wait to use that new jacuzzi bath, went up to look at the bathroom suite last nite as its all in and it looks great, taps and all. the bath can fit 2...*cough*...hmm! lol!

right think thats enough blabbering for one day, OH will be home soon and then its off to the vets. will let you know what happens.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Windy, Blustery Friday

OMG the wind out there is crazy today, its come from nowhere, i went into KK as i had an appointment adn when i came home i could not warm up. Decided to light the fire and snuggle down on the couch with the cats. we all slept for an hour! one is still asleep....think its a cats life!

Have had great news, just found out that I am booked in for Jackies workshop, its great, I cant wait to go in April and meet the girls again and some that I didnt get to meet. The sneeky pics Jackie has on her blog look great too! Going to get the train up, as i am a bit of a wimp and hate driving on dual carriageways on my own, the city freaks me a bit! Will tackle it in May when I have Jess with me.

So ashamed, have absolutely no crafting done this week, tomorrow I plan on swinging the hoover round the house and putting away the clothes that are still sitting on the chair in the bedroom, then im tackling cards, need some inspiration! Have to work tonite but only for an hour and a half but the thoughts of going out in this weather, yuck!

thats the crack from me, nothing exciting!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jaysis they are a bit hard on the eyes alright, think i will change it, dont fancy getting any lawsuits from!

Tis Tuesday!!! I'm feeling very philosophical

And what a miserable day it is too! I'm probably going to talk poo poo now cos have nothing really constructive to say today, but just feel like blabbing, ya ever feel like that?

Lately I have been thinking of all the people I have met in my short but colourful life and cant believe it really. Through card making I think I have met more people in a short space of time than ever. Have to say all the people that I come to meet through cardmaking are mental!! In particular Babs and Neasa, but thats just because I have met them in RL, im sure there are many more crafty people out there that could join the cause! I'm so happy that i was introduced to this mad crafty world, it puts a spring in my step and keeps me smiling. It's great! Plus it also helps that I am a bit soft in the head! Thats just a polite way of saying that im mental too! I think everybody should have a mad moment though from time to time...its good for the soul! (Jesus I really am being philosophical today! what the hell was in my weetabix this morning?)

Anyway suppose I better stop trying to be so deep and let you know whats been going on in my life..well.....not much actually. Our house is starting to take shape and we are waiting on our bathroom stuff to be delivered, we are getting a jacuzzi bath (that holds 2 ppl *cough*) We will never use it together though......*cough*! HONESTLY!!! We were looking at lights for our sitting room and dining room the other day, jesus the price of them, we have seen a beautiful one for the landing that hangs down the middle of the stairs, its pricey but nice, so we have decided that all donations for this will be accepted!! lol! In the form of vouchers for this particular shop, so im going to start to spread the word around the family so that they take the hint! I cant even imagine what it will feel like to have our own place, its weird. I forget what it was like to live together just as a couple, we have been living as a foursome (with the inlaws) for the past two years so its gonna be feckin GREAT! to get out on our own.

OK thats enough blabbering must back to RL and get the dinner on!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Freezing Friday!!

OMG!!!! im sooooo cold!!! things have been pretty quiet for me lately, didnt really have anything to blog about.

i had a lovely day last sunday though, i went to jackie mooneys card workshop in dublin and had a blast. I also got to meet the crazy ladies from the CCS forum, well some of them! It was great putting faces to the names, Neasa, Babs, Lynda, Amanda, Lorna, Jackie C and Isobel...and of course the host herself, Jackie. It was an excellent workshop and well worth the money, I was knackered after but it was worth it! The laugh we had was brilliant and i realised that i wasnt the only mad one in the room!!! lol!!

A big thank you to Jess for driving up, we finally found our way out of dublin! Thats it really, my life is kinda dull at the mo, havent been up to any mischief, but give me time im sure ill find some way of being bold!!! Watch this space!