Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snoozy Saturday!

im having a major chill out day today, im still in my pjs, partly cos i have a bit of a head cold and not feeling the best, so im making sure i stay in today so that i am fit and well for jackies workshop tomorrow in Dublin! I'm soooo excited and cant wait. It means I get to meet all the ppl i have been chatting to on the CS forum for the last year and a bit and its goin to be great to put the faces to the names.

I had planned to do some crafting today but unfortunately thats not happening so far. Later I have to pack my bag for tomorrow and sort out my lunch so that will keep me busy for awhile, but for now, im chilling by the fire and surfing the net.

AAhhh i love saturdays!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the new tattoo and stash haul!!!

here is the pics of my new tattoo, have also included the pics of all my new stash i bought while in england.




the stickers in the pic above were bought for me by OH's sis when she was in america.

i know its been ages....but....

ive been really busy!!! ok thats a lie i havent! TBH when i log onto this pooter by the time i have gone into all my forums, email, social pages, i forget about my poor little blog! anyway i have been up to lots of mischief so time to fill you in....are ya sitting comfortably? this could take some time!

We arrived home from a lovely holiday in the England last sunday, we spent a week with OH's sis and aunt, switching houses like no mans business, had to keep them all happy. lol! anyway it was great we chilled, spent money, more money...oh yes and more money! but feck it we were on hols. We shopped till we sec postman at the door! right im back...sorry! where was i, oh yeh shopped till we dropped, bought clothes, SHOES (of course) card stash and lots of it, no point in only half doing it now is there? Then we visited IKEA and bought a gorgeous picture for over our bed aswell as some other smaller bits. Ate like pigs and vegged out, it was great, we forgot about the hum drum of daily life here and then last sunday, BANG! we were back home. anyway im totally refreshed, loving my new stash and cant wait to have an excuse to wear my new shoes! (ha like i need an excuse!)

So its back to the grindstone, until the next few days off which is Paddy's weekend, now there's an excuse to wear my new sparkly green shoes! OH doesnt like them he thinks they are tacky, but what do men know about shoes!! ok im blabbering. anyway thats my holiday in a nutshell, you missed have pins and needles by now, so i wont torture you!

talk soon

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is all around......

well its suppose to be considering today is Valentines day. My usual lorry load of roses arrived this morning (cough)! fat chance! TBH i would prefer a nice pair of shoes if he was going to buy me anything, preferably a pair of manola's but that would only be in my dreams.

have nothing planned to celebrate the romantic day, as we are heading away to u.k. tomorrow for a week so lots of stuff to be doing, but yet i have spent the whole day on the couch, not to worry will have it done within a couple of hours, mostly packing clothes and bits that have to be brought over to OH's sis that have been left here. so im really looking forward to the break away. not much has happened since i last posted (jees how dull is my life??) Dont answer that!

talk soon!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mother In Laws.....

who would have them?????? oh i really need to move into this new house, im cracking up (really wanted to put a swear word in there but not very blog like!). i swear if we dont get into this house by may, im pitching a tent and camping up there until its time to move least i would have some.....PEACE!!!!

we are coming up to the 2 year mark living with the inlaws and its getting hard now! i just feel that every move we make is questioned, analysed and feckin debated over as regards the house. OH is feeling the pressure now too and he is fighting back....but he can its his mother, i cant exactly turn around and scream at much as I'd like to. Has anybody else encountered this, i mean living with the inlaws for a bit. The worst thing is it makes me feel guilty when i give out about her cos at the end of the day she is letting us stay here while we build a house, and i suppose for some ppl reading this they are probably thinking " listen to that ungrateful cow!". But if you were here you would understand what i mean. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! ok thats off the chest now...onto some positive thoughts! lol!

my niece made her confirmation on saturday and we went to dinner with her yesterday, had a lovely day. I made up a craft box for her and gave it to her as a pressie as she really enjoyed the cardmaking i did with them the other day. Now i have my other niece biting at my heels for a craft box too, for her birthday which is August....think ill have to make up something small before then, or she will have a coronary! Anyway on my last post i said i was going to go sledding but that didnt happen....i know, i got too lazy that night by the fire and the thoughts of sliding down a snowy hill didnt really appeal to me. Then the next day i regretted it cos cuz told me they had an even better time than the night that will teach me to be soooo lazy!

We are heading away to England next Sunday and I cant wait for the break, getting myself a tattoo over there...yes ...yes...i know im mad. I have one already on my right shoulder so have decided to get another on the inside of my right arm...did i post this on my last blog...feck it cant remember (alzheimers is setting in...think thats spelt wrong too!)...where was I...oh yeh getting a tattoo on the inside of my right arm, im thinking of flowers...daisies preferably, as they remind me of my childhood, he loves me he loves me not. Yes bet ye did that too! anyway its going to be daisies and some little butterflies hovering over the daisies...hard to describe but will post up a pic when its done. The snow has left us and has been replaced with Mr. Frost and I'm happy. I love frosty days at least you can walk up the town without been threatened that a snow ball will hit you across the lug at any minute!

Right thats enough blabbering on for one day, considering i hadnt posted in 4 days, not a lot really happened in my sad is that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A snug fit!!!

im soooo happy today. as ive said in my previous post, i am currently trying to loose weight. well this morning i searched through my wardrobe and came across a pair of combats that were too tight on me a while ago. put them on for the laugh to see how they were and they fit...very snugly! i even have to tie the little tie thingy on them as they are a little loose! im delighted its spurred me on to continue on my way now! unfortunately had no hip hop class last nite due to the snow so didnt get to weigh myself, so have to work extra hard this week to make sure im down in weight. im really enjoying my change of eating habits its brill and i dont feel like sweet things or taytos at all and if i do, i just go get an apple and that satisfies me!

anyway we have had snow here since yesterday which meant the schools were closed and i wasnt working. it was great, i spent all day yesterday crafting didnt leave the bedroom till 9.00pm last nite. which is a first for me! today i plan on bringing my crafty bits down to my niece, she is off school today and with my mam who is housebound as she is on crutches so i told her we would make cards. her face lit up which was nice cos havent done it with her before, although have been meaning too, cos she is quite artistic so looking forward to seeing what she creates. have a lovely roast chicken in the oven as i type for dinner and cant wait to munch on it, im starving! anyway not much else has happened to post about. oh im going out the country tonite with my cousins, they were sledding last nite where my mam grew up as there is a huge hill there and they had great crack. when i say sledding, they werent actually using sleds, but am....a canoe and a rubber ring that you use in the pool! lol! she said it was great crack so im going with them tonite, i will be like the michelin woman ill have so much layers on me!!

talk soon!