Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Monday......

I can't believe its monday already, this time last week we were counting down the days for the big man's arrival, now we are all overfed, over drank (if there is such a and have more stuff to try and find a place our craft rooms that is! I didnt stuff myself too much but glad we were doing stuff on the house so at least i was burning off what i ate and not sitting around, making my hips go that other bit bigger!

so in a few days time we will be ringing in the new year, and wondering what 09 will bring us, hopefully everything we all want! for me i just wish for our house to be finished and moved into it and to get back to normality and living as a couple again. I'm not going to moan too much about that though cos i am enjoying the process at the mo. we are nearly there so must stay positive!

its weird to think that in two days time we will be entering a new year and then everyone will start counting down the days to next xmas lol!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

So Much.......

for keeping my blog updated every ill update ye on what happened since my last post, very quickly.

well we went on our xmas party nite out and had a ball, well that was as soon as we had finished the meal which was 11.40pm. the meal was a disaster we waited an hour for our starters and the whole thing was ok. we eventually made our way to a late bar and had a great nite, dancing and partying the nite away, although there were some shots thrown in there too from what i can i have pics taken but they are on a disposable camera so not sure that i will be able to upload them. prob lucky i wont bet they are disastrous, as they were all taken near the end of the nite, so lots of red eyes and mascara running. lol.

finally got all the xmas cards made and sent off, had a lovely xmas day was up at 7am and opening my pressies like an excited kid, OH bought me a laptop, which i was totally not expecting and a game for it, got lots of other lovely pressies from peeps and a fab bottle of hypnose perfume from my best pal its fab! stephens day was very quiet OH did a bit of work at the site and then we chilled in the evening, my mam made us another xmas dinner today and it was yummy!

today was helping OH up at the site, i learned how to slab walls upstairs, insulate them and use a cordless drill (that was a site to behold) but i was determined not to let a silly little battery powered drill outdo me and after lots of cursing and giving out i mastered the art of drilling screws into the slabs to hold them against the wall. its a great feeling when you build or make something and i really enjoyed it plus we saw some progress and every little progress means we are a step closer to moving into our new house. i just cant wait to move in but will be so proud that i was part of the building process, its great!!!

thats it really, oh we went shopping today and bought new xmas baubles, they are handcrafted glass ones, clear, for the new xmas tree for the new house. gonna go buy the tree tomorrow and some purple baubles aswell, we are getting rid of our gold and red ones, they are well past there sell by date. lol.

thats it, will promise at least to update this every second day!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's party time.......

Tonight is our work xmas party and I am so looking forward to it. I am heading into town shortly to get my hair curled, i have decided to glam myself up, not often i get the oppurtunity. So gonna wear a LBD tonite and glam up!! We are going for a meal and then the usual drink! OK OK drinks!!! lol. i can never have just one.

I finally got my orders done for christmas cards or thought i did when i got a last minute phone call for another card, typical! but anyway once i have that done i will be finished finally!!!
So thats it really better go get myself in gear for getting the hair done.

Talk tomorrow if im not too hungover!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Cant Believe....

It's been over a month since i posted on my blog!!! Jees the time flies, I can't believe its only 7 days to christmas im getting so excited!!!! although i still have to finish some cards and get presents sorted and wrapped!

lots has happened over the last month, i finished up my card making classes and got great feedback from them, so hopefully something might turn up for the new year! our house is coming along in leaps and bounds, but still not quickly enough for me! hopefully we should be in next march which really is only 3 mths away and if they go as quick as the last month did then ill be delighted!! lol.

weather is pretty miserable here damp and wet, our adopted cat has tackled the xmas tree and has taken a fancy to the beads and keeps pulling them off, so that needs to be sorted out, was wondering when he would start fiddling with it.

thats all the news i have for the mo.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

frustrating thursday

oh god such a day in work, too much to go into here but i am fit to be tied. sick of working my arse off and still expected to perform miracles. very frustrated!!!

other than that the day wasnt too bad, i woke up really tired this morning, i think i have too much on but it keeps me busy, OH even said that to me last nite that i needed to slow down. I also need to go back to the doctor as my heart is starting that funny pulsing again and I'm not sure if its due to doing too much or what. He had told me to come back to get bloods taken so I might go visit him next week. I have a busy day tomorrow making cards for the sale so I am taking it easy tonite chilling by the fire and watching a bit of telly, gonna treat myself to a piece of apple tart soon and a cuppa.

the cat that we have officially adopted i have decided to christen roger, well rog for short, our own cat seems comfortable enough in his company although she still hisses at him just to let him know who's the boss around she has dissapeared since late last nite and has not come home since, although it is raining out so no doubt we will hear her at the window soon, she hates the rain. she is so spoilt its unbelievable!!

anyway thats all my ranting over for now, thanks for reading...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's the hump of the week...'s wednesday, getting closer to the weekend. Boy what a morning its been for me. To cut a long story short couldnt find the key of my car this morning after spending half an hour looking for it realised i had left it in a pocket of one of my coats that i rarely wear. Went to park my car and the machine swallowed the only euro i had, then came home and went to get OH lunch the clock in the car said 1.00pm he comes home at 1.15pm ran in got his roll and came home to look at the clock and find out that it was only forgot to put the clock back an hour in the car...jees i could have cried!! OH phsl at me when i rang him and told him. let's hope thats it for the day, i have my cardmaking class tonite and we are making xmas cards so hope nothing goes wrong for that.

i didnt get a chance to make any cards today, got some xmas cards made last nite and staying with my friend tonite cos her hubby is away for work so wont get any done tonite either. tomorrow i should get a few more done and friday cos not working need to have a good few done for the sale as i am donating a few cards to it. so hoping to have about 15 only 12 more to make so no pressure!!

not much else to write about, i received my half price goodies from craft factory, and im looking at the lovely xmas magnolias that are for sale on cardz n scrapz. i have to stop buying crafty stuff, i have to get my new card on the road soon and need money for that.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have started making xmas cards, my mojo for the old xmas cards was gone there for a few days but I think it has returned. I have made 3 cards in I know not many but its a start, 2 of them are for a sale that I am donating the cards to, still have a long way to go cos plan on making up about 5 packs of cards with 5 cards in each pack and let the people running the sale decide what way they want to sell them. If they sell But at least it is a bit of advertising from me.

Today is pretty miserable kinda hazy and wet looking out, no rain yet thankfully. We finally figured out last night that we don't have mickey mouse in our room that the noises we were hearing were coming from the attic above us, so Clive decided to point out to me this morning at 5am, so I reckon we could have Mickey's close cousing Roger Rat in the attic. The poor cat was getting the blame for bringing in the mouse and she was innocent...this time.

Not sure if I mentioned that we have fostered another cat, it arrived here about 3 weeks ago and hasnt left since. We were giving it bread and milk but then I decided the poor mite should have some decent cat food so bought her some last night in the shopping, our own moggy doesnt seem to mind her too much, although there is a bit of hissing from her when she sees her at first but she does seem happy enough in her company. Think her nose might be a little out of joint as she gets all our attention, I swear it's like having children!! lol.

Anyway thats as much news as I have today, oh was talking to another friend of mine and she told me she is pregnant,. bloody hell its catching, let's hope it doesnt come my way for a little bit at least not till we get the house finished!

Thats it, talk soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, Monday

hi all,

didnt get a chance to post yesterday as we were busy checking out garage doors, the guy we went down to was a nutter, i couldnt understand a word he said, had a real strong tipperary accent.

Brought the gift basket up to my friend and she absolutely loved it, she wanted to know where I bought told her i had made it and she was over the moon, kept hugging It was so weird to see them both with a baby they have moved on a bit further in their life now and that feels a bit strange but we will get there eventually. He is such an adorable little boy and they look soooo happy, I'm delighted for them. I have to stay with her on Wednesday night cos her hubby has to go away for work, she told me that Dean is waking every 2 and a half hours so that should be fun!!



My car is going for the NCT today so hopefully it will pass and I can sell it on and get the new car on the road. Not much else planned for the day, have to work from 3-6pm back to the grindstone after last week off for the midterm, but xmas is coming and I'm getting excited. Not sure if I will fit in any crafty work today as I have to prepare myself for the classes on Wednesday we are starting xmas cards!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

productive saturday

hi all,

well today i sat down and made the baby boy card for my friend, i am over the moon with it, it is the best card i have made since i started card making. i hope she is going to like it. i also have to make up her gift basket today so think i will tackle that next, i was going to make some xmas cards but bit tired, as the baby card took me most of the morning to do, between feeding my cat, making dinner for OH and sorting out the washed clothes.

our bloody cat is so spoilt its unbelievable, when i was here this morning starting the card she decided to wake up from her slumber and come for some snuggles (that normally means, feed me!) she kept purring and purring at me and walking over the keyboard of my lappie until i had to give in, she is unbelievable, but wouldnt be without her. Yesterday she decided to have a nap on the fish tank, got a pic of that to and will post it up along with the others. She is a right scamp!

will post up a pic of the finished gift basket and the card later this evening, gonna keep ye in suspense for a its a cold cold day today and that sky out there is very like snow, i have the heating on but cant seem to warm my tootsies up. I have to go up town later and dont really want to face the cold but will wrap up and do my jobs as quick as i can.

talk later.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Recipe For Karina
3 parts Boldness
2 parts Giddiness
1 part Shrewdness

Splash of Mania

Finish off with an olive

My first post

hi everybody,

my first post on my new blog. I decided to get into this whole blogging thing just to see what it is all about. Today is a really sunny day here in north kilkenny. Have lots of things to do today including housework (yuk) but has to be done.

Im also going to make up a gift basket for my best friend who had a little baby boy on wednesday night and named him Dean, I went in to see them both yesterday and both are looking great, Dean is a little dote and I have to say has made me very broody. I'm still in shock that she and her hubbie are parents now and have an early xmas pressie. For xmas last year she wanted a dog and got it, a mad King Charles Spaniel called Charlie, this year she has a little son, and I'm delighted for them both.

Anyway that's it from me for today, might update this later if anything exciting happens.