Friday, May 8, 2009

has it really.....

been a month since i blogged!! im in shock, kinda worried cos normally i have something to say or spout nonsense of some sort. just think real life has got in the way in the past month. I am currently working in the after schools and filling in hours in the mornings in the creche too so i think thats why my blogging went out the window! TBH think it was also that i didnt have much to talk about. BUT NOW!!! yerp you guessed it i do! lol!

first things first so!! Our beautiful house is coming along, we now have internal doors, ok no handles on them yet but they are on the way! My delightful OH (have to put that in just in case he is reading has started tiling the downstairs loo, floor only mind but im sure he will get it finished (fingers crossed). the builders are up there today putting the stone on our sitting room wall and fireplace, im panicking that it will look hideous but OH assures me it wont! im praying it will turn out ok cos its not something you can just paint over! And speaking of painting we still have loads to do! jees when i see all this written down it seems we will never be in there. THINK POSITIVE KARINA!! easier said than done! ok ok im not going to be a dreary drawers planning on painting the kitchen ceiling over the weekend, and might tackle the kitchen walls too, havent a clue what colour paint we are putting on there but will have to decide pretty soon.

anway, house aside, crafty wise i have done feck all. i am heading to jackies workshop in june with jess so that will get me spurring on, plus i have promised some charity cards to claire and i promise claire i will get them finished and sent off to you. i have so many things swimming around inside my head at the moment i dont know whether im coming or going! this weather is diabolical i cant warm up, its impossible to know what clothes to actually wear, you look out and see a blue sky and say "ah shur i dont need a coat", your outside the door and there is a gale blowing. today has had to be the most miserable day, there are blue skies one minute then lashing rain the next! its crazy!!!

anyway thats enough crap to talk about today! nothing much interesting left to say (not that any of the above was interesting but it has helped me to make space in my brain for the other thousand things i have to think of) ;)

siging off!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my week of crafting.




Sunny Saturday......

But not feeling really sunny on the inside. Feeling quite pre menstrual energy has dissapeared for the last 2 days and feeling bloated and fat! Why did got invent periods, jesus they are a pain in the proverbial, aswell as the back, stomach and anyway else the feckin cramps get ya. Hey ho, the joys of being a woman eh? Well im sure i will survive, always do, nothing about 10 paracetamol cant cure and a few vodlkas....kidding!

I havent blogged in a week I cant believe it, not like me to have nothing to say is it? Wouldnt mind but it hasnt been very busy, I just kinda filled in time faffing about a bit. Managed to make a few cards which i will post up in a bit so my mojo is still there (just about). I went and got my hair cut on Thursday to somebody i dont normally go to, had a cut and colour and she only charged me 40e i was in shock, i would normally pay 60-65e in kilkenny, so need i say more but she is my new hairdresser :). When i came home though i was sorry i didnt get it cut shorter, so after lots of looking in the mirror humming and hawing and consulting OH i decided feck it im going to. I rang the girl yesterday and im booked in for next friday, so the long locks are going....only to shoulder length, but thats a huge challenge for me considering my hair has been so long for ages! Time for a change, me thinks. I have taken a before pic fromt he other day and will post up the after pic next saturday, to give the full on "shock effect"!

Right Im starting to talk crap now, cos really have nothing else to tell ye, other than our heating boiler arrived the other day for the house, (see interesting isnt it) lol! OH had to pull it apart to see how it worked....tut! Men! they get excited about the most mundane things! lol!
ok im off to try and upload these pics of the cards i made, enough blabbing from me!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a beautiful day!!!!!

I had a "crafty" visitor Jess called up to me for a day of crafting and chatter. It was lovely,. even though my mojo wasnt in full swing I still managed to get 3 cards done, all with the same stamped image but cos I dont really do "simple" sytles of card i was trying to!
I think I achieved what I wanted...sort of. Jess had a few problems with her flaps again!!! DONT ASK! (she was trying to make a box). The weather was great this morning and I got loads of washing done which was hanging nicely dryin on the line, when I looked out and there is was spilling rain. But i rescued them and they are now drying on the radiator. The evening has turned wet, cold and miserable.

A big thank you to Jess for bringing up the yummy lemon cake, its gorgeous, FIL gave it the thumbs up too Jess!!! He thought it was lovely, MIL has competition with you! Right I think I will head down and do some cards, my OH has decided to abandon me and go up to the house to do some work so I will make the most of the peace and quiet.

Thats all for now!! Will post up the pics of the cards I made in a bit.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Right i needed to let off some nervous energy!!! so what bette rway the to blog it out of me!
The weather today is sooo much better than yesterday, I managed to fit my walk in, did a mile! thats pretty good! My mojo was swinging yesterday and made some cards lots more to do for challenges and easter etc...i know leaving it a bit late for the easter cards!

Today I decided to get into the Easter mood and make some chocolate bunnies, melting chocolate is about as far as my baking skills go...I was half thinking of making queen cakes...and thought better not, would be doubtful as to how they would turn out! lol! so i made the easter bunnies and they are cooling off in the fridge as i speak. i plan to put them in an easter card i made for Clive's 2 nephews in England, the easter card they are going into is one of the beautiful ones that i made in jackies workshop (that i still need to put a pic up of! )

i will post up a pic of the little bunnies when they are done, also have chocolate robots too! I dont really know what to do with myself today, I want to make cards but my mojo is slipping...I need to make cards, have loads of easter cards to get out to friends, im leaving it late i know! right off to see if i can do something with the rest of this nervous energy, hopefully it will form in the shape of some nice handmade cards.

will post what i make later!



Sunday, April 5, 2009

what a great day!

i spent today at jackies workshop in dublin again and it was great! i really enjoyed it! got to meet babs and lynda again and met pam and mandy for the first time, both are on the CS forum..

we had a good laugh today, although we were much quieter than we were the last day, lynda reckons its the atmospherics! i put that down to being disorganised and everything going wrong on me craft wise, aswell as having a few blonde moments this morning at the train station, such as nearly getting on the train to kerry and not having change for the parking so a really decent passer by lent me 2euro, she will be rewarded for this act of kindness i hope in some way!

babs very kindly picked me up from heuston, in her stylish coupe and dropped me back, hinting to make sure i get on the right train! tut! cheeky! lol! it was such a stress free way to travel and i sat back and relaxed the countryside whiz by on the way home, wow there are some amazing big houses in kildare on the way down!

came home and OH had my tea on for me (least he could do i was supposed to be watching sex and the city film but it didnt happen something wrong with it. thats my exciting day, will post again soon.


Friday, March 27, 2009

4 seasons in 1 day....

jees what a day it was today, we had sun, rain, hailstones and cold winds. it was horrible. now the sky is such a blue colour its amazing. I had decided to walk up to the post office today but by the time i had my coat and scarf on their was a massive hail shower so it was easier to jump in the car.

got some DG duties done today so im happy, had planned to go to KK today tile hunting but decided to leave it till tomorrow instead. My poor puddy cat needs to visit the vet tonite cos her eyes are looking funny and when i researched it on the net it said it may be an eye infection, then thanks to mandy on CCS she said it more than likely was so its off to the vet tonite with her. They are like kids, the problem is this eye infection can be contagious so lets hope Roger (other cat) doenst get it or we will be off to the vet with him too.

I havent blogged in ages, mainly cos i hadnt anything interesting to say as my life has been pretyt uneventful of late. The house is getting closer to completion, well thats what im telling myself in the hope that i will believe we have started to paint the ceilings (well i should really say that clive has started i have helped out last nite, which i feel bad about) but i hate painting ceilings i get a pain in my neck. i would prefer to pain walls anyday, so im sure when the wall painting starts it will allow me to make up for not doing too much ceiling painting. Is coming up to 2 years livin with the inlaws and it hasnt been THAT bad (she says as she thinks of all the times she has had to bite her tongue at some of her MIL's comments) but really it hasnt! ;)
ill just keep telling myself it will be all worth it in the end, when im sitting in that jacuzzi bath with a voddy and coke! oh i cant wait to use that new jacuzzi bath, went up to look at the bathroom suite last nite as its all in and it looks great, taps and all. the bath can fit 2...*cough*...hmm! lol!

right think thats enough blabbering for one day, OH will be home soon and then its off to the vets. will let you know what happens.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Windy, Blustery Friday

OMG the wind out there is crazy today, its come from nowhere, i went into KK as i had an appointment adn when i came home i could not warm up. Decided to light the fire and snuggle down on the couch with the cats. we all slept for an hour! one is still asleep....think its a cats life!

Have had great news, just found out that I am booked in for Jackies workshop, its great, I cant wait to go in April and meet the girls again and some that I didnt get to meet. The sneeky pics Jackie has on her blog look great too! Going to get the train up, as i am a bit of a wimp and hate driving on dual carriageways on my own, the city freaks me a bit! Will tackle it in May when I have Jess with me.

So ashamed, have absolutely no crafting done this week, tomorrow I plan on swinging the hoover round the house and putting away the clothes that are still sitting on the chair in the bedroom, then im tackling cards, need some inspiration! Have to work tonite but only for an hour and a half but the thoughts of going out in this weather, yuck!

thats the crack from me, nothing exciting!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Jaysis they are a bit hard on the eyes alright, think i will change it, dont fancy getting any lawsuits from!

Tis Tuesday!!! I'm feeling very philosophical

And what a miserable day it is too! I'm probably going to talk poo poo now cos have nothing really constructive to say today, but just feel like blabbing, ya ever feel like that?

Lately I have been thinking of all the people I have met in my short but colourful life and cant believe it really. Through card making I think I have met more people in a short space of time than ever. Have to say all the people that I come to meet through cardmaking are mental!! In particular Babs and Neasa, but thats just because I have met them in RL, im sure there are many more crafty people out there that could join the cause! I'm so happy that i was introduced to this mad crafty world, it puts a spring in my step and keeps me smiling. It's great! Plus it also helps that I am a bit soft in the head! Thats just a polite way of saying that im mental too! I think everybody should have a mad moment though from time to time...its good for the soul! (Jesus I really am being philosophical today! what the hell was in my weetabix this morning?)

Anyway suppose I better stop trying to be so deep and let you know whats been going on in my life..well.....not much actually. Our house is starting to take shape and we are waiting on our bathroom stuff to be delivered, we are getting a jacuzzi bath (that holds 2 ppl *cough*) We will never use it together though......*cough*! HONESTLY!!! We were looking at lights for our sitting room and dining room the other day, jesus the price of them, we have seen a beautiful one for the landing that hangs down the middle of the stairs, its pricey but nice, so we have decided that all donations for this will be accepted!! lol! In the form of vouchers for this particular shop, so im going to start to spread the word around the family so that they take the hint! I cant even imagine what it will feel like to have our own place, its weird. I forget what it was like to live together just as a couple, we have been living as a foursome (with the inlaws) for the past two years so its gonna be feckin GREAT! to get out on our own.

OK thats enough blabbering must back to RL and get the dinner on!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Freezing Friday!!

OMG!!!! im sooooo cold!!! things have been pretty quiet for me lately, didnt really have anything to blog about.

i had a lovely day last sunday though, i went to jackie mooneys card workshop in dublin and had a blast. I also got to meet the crazy ladies from the CCS forum, well some of them! It was great putting faces to the names, Neasa, Babs, Lynda, Amanda, Lorna, Jackie C and Isobel...and of course the host herself, Jackie. It was an excellent workshop and well worth the money, I was knackered after but it was worth it! The laugh we had was brilliant and i realised that i wasnt the only mad one in the room!!! lol!!

A big thank you to Jess for driving up, we finally found our way out of dublin! Thats it really, my life is kinda dull at the mo, havent been up to any mischief, but give me time im sure ill find some way of being bold!!! Watch this space!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snoozy Saturday!

im having a major chill out day today, im still in my pjs, partly cos i have a bit of a head cold and not feeling the best, so im making sure i stay in today so that i am fit and well for jackies workshop tomorrow in Dublin! I'm soooo excited and cant wait. It means I get to meet all the ppl i have been chatting to on the CS forum for the last year and a bit and its goin to be great to put the faces to the names.

I had planned to do some crafting today but unfortunately thats not happening so far. Later I have to pack my bag for tomorrow and sort out my lunch so that will keep me busy for awhile, but for now, im chilling by the fire and surfing the net.

AAhhh i love saturdays!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the new tattoo and stash haul!!!

here is the pics of my new tattoo, have also included the pics of all my new stash i bought while in england.




the stickers in the pic above were bought for me by OH's sis when she was in america.

i know its been ages....but....

ive been really busy!!! ok thats a lie i havent! TBH when i log onto this pooter by the time i have gone into all my forums, email, social pages, i forget about my poor little blog! anyway i have been up to lots of mischief so time to fill you in....are ya sitting comfortably? this could take some time!

We arrived home from a lovely holiday in the England last sunday, we spent a week with OH's sis and aunt, switching houses like no mans business, had to keep them all happy. lol! anyway it was great we chilled, spent money, more money...oh yes and more money! but feck it we were on hols. We shopped till we sec postman at the door! right im back...sorry! where was i, oh yeh shopped till we dropped, bought clothes, SHOES (of course) card stash and lots of it, no point in only half doing it now is there? Then we visited IKEA and bought a gorgeous picture for over our bed aswell as some other smaller bits. Ate like pigs and vegged out, it was great, we forgot about the hum drum of daily life here and then last sunday, BANG! we were back home. anyway im totally refreshed, loving my new stash and cant wait to have an excuse to wear my new shoes! (ha like i need an excuse!)

So its back to the grindstone, until the next few days off which is Paddy's weekend, now there's an excuse to wear my new sparkly green shoes! OH doesnt like them he thinks they are tacky, but what do men know about shoes!! ok im blabbering. anyway thats my holiday in a nutshell, you missed have pins and needles by now, so i wont torture you!

talk soon

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is all around......

well its suppose to be considering today is Valentines day. My usual lorry load of roses arrived this morning (cough)! fat chance! TBH i would prefer a nice pair of shoes if he was going to buy me anything, preferably a pair of manola's but that would only be in my dreams.

have nothing planned to celebrate the romantic day, as we are heading away to u.k. tomorrow for a week so lots of stuff to be doing, but yet i have spent the whole day on the couch, not to worry will have it done within a couple of hours, mostly packing clothes and bits that have to be brought over to OH's sis that have been left here. so im really looking forward to the break away. not much has happened since i last posted (jees how dull is my life??) Dont answer that!

talk soon!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mother In Laws.....

who would have them?????? oh i really need to move into this new house, im cracking up (really wanted to put a swear word in there but not very blog like!). i swear if we dont get into this house by may, im pitching a tent and camping up there until its time to move least i would have some.....PEACE!!!!

we are coming up to the 2 year mark living with the inlaws and its getting hard now! i just feel that every move we make is questioned, analysed and feckin debated over as regards the house. OH is feeling the pressure now too and he is fighting back....but he can its his mother, i cant exactly turn around and scream at much as I'd like to. Has anybody else encountered this, i mean living with the inlaws for a bit. The worst thing is it makes me feel guilty when i give out about her cos at the end of the day she is letting us stay here while we build a house, and i suppose for some ppl reading this they are probably thinking " listen to that ungrateful cow!". But if you were here you would understand what i mean. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! ok thats off the chest now...onto some positive thoughts! lol!

my niece made her confirmation on saturday and we went to dinner with her yesterday, had a lovely day. I made up a craft box for her and gave it to her as a pressie as she really enjoyed the cardmaking i did with them the other day. Now i have my other niece biting at my heels for a craft box too, for her birthday which is August....think ill have to make up something small before then, or she will have a coronary! Anyway on my last post i said i was going to go sledding but that didnt happen....i know, i got too lazy that night by the fire and the thoughts of sliding down a snowy hill didnt really appeal to me. Then the next day i regretted it cos cuz told me they had an even better time than the night that will teach me to be soooo lazy!

We are heading away to England next Sunday and I cant wait for the break, getting myself a tattoo over there...yes ...yes...i know im mad. I have one already on my right shoulder so have decided to get another on the inside of my right arm...did i post this on my last blog...feck it cant remember (alzheimers is setting in...think thats spelt wrong too!)...where was I...oh yeh getting a tattoo on the inside of my right arm, im thinking of flowers...daisies preferably, as they remind me of my childhood, he loves me he loves me not. Yes bet ye did that too! anyway its going to be daisies and some little butterflies hovering over the daisies...hard to describe but will post up a pic when its done. The snow has left us and has been replaced with Mr. Frost and I'm happy. I love frosty days at least you can walk up the town without been threatened that a snow ball will hit you across the lug at any minute!

Right thats enough blabbering on for one day, considering i hadnt posted in 4 days, not a lot really happened in my sad is that.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A snug fit!!!

im soooo happy today. as ive said in my previous post, i am currently trying to loose weight. well this morning i searched through my wardrobe and came across a pair of combats that were too tight on me a while ago. put them on for the laugh to see how they were and they fit...very snugly! i even have to tie the little tie thingy on them as they are a little loose! im delighted its spurred me on to continue on my way now! unfortunately had no hip hop class last nite due to the snow so didnt get to weigh myself, so have to work extra hard this week to make sure im down in weight. im really enjoying my change of eating habits its brill and i dont feel like sweet things or taytos at all and if i do, i just go get an apple and that satisfies me!

anyway we have had snow here since yesterday which meant the schools were closed and i wasnt working. it was great, i spent all day yesterday crafting didnt leave the bedroom till 9.00pm last nite. which is a first for me! today i plan on bringing my crafty bits down to my niece, she is off school today and with my mam who is housebound as she is on crutches so i told her we would make cards. her face lit up which was nice cos havent done it with her before, although have been meaning too, cos she is quite artistic so looking forward to seeing what she creates. have a lovely roast chicken in the oven as i type for dinner and cant wait to munch on it, im starving! anyway not much else has happened to post about. oh im going out the country tonite with my cousins, they were sledding last nite where my mam grew up as there is a huge hill there and they had great crack. when i say sledding, they werent actually using sleds, but am....a canoe and a rubber ring that you use in the pool! lol! she said it was great crack so im going with them tonite, i will be like the michelin woman ill have so much layers on me!!

talk soon!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

just want to say a....

HUGE THANKS to Sarah for nominating my blog as the coolest blog! Also i want to apologise Sarah for only putting it up now! Thanks again tho hun!


And the winner is..........

I'm so thrilled. I have just been nominated as member of the month on our Celtic crafters forum. It's such a lovely place with great craic and banter, and as for the women on there they pretend they're not but really they are as mad as I! So i just want to say a huuuuggge THANKS to everyone on there and looking forward to the little pressie coming my way!

Well....I have come back down to earth after loosing my little bit of weight and celebrated yesterday with my friend at the Lyrath Spa in Kilkenny. It was heaven!! We did the thermal suite experience which involved chilling out in a lovely hot jacuzzi type thingy (great description I know) for about 45 mins, it involved lots of jets aswell as being able to look out through a non glass window on the ground of the hotel, so you had a mixture of the breeze on your face and the warm water heating you up as there was lots of steam, so did the old spots the world of good! lol! then we decided to brave the sauna and lasted probably about 10 mins in there, how cool were we,not very to be honest, it felt like our nostrils were on fire so we decided enough was enough. That was followed by a quick drink in the relaxation room where they had big couches and fruit and mags, we lounged around in there for about 15 mins and then jumped back into the jacuzzi. This was followed by a full swedish body massage!!!! HEAVEN!!! It was sooo relaxing although I had a terrible migraine after but think alot of it was to do with not having much to eat and my sinuses were acting up too. But it was a really enjoyable day after all!

Due to my horrible headache I didnt make it to my set dancing class but instead managed to get some lovely stamped images that Jess sent me up coloured in. So what has today got in store, not much considering its not 11.30am and I am working at 2 so will prob try and fit in a clothes wash and make a card or two. So thats my exciting day yesterday, who knows what today has to bring! Will definetely update ye tomorrow though!

Monday, January 26, 2009

OH JOY!!!!!!

i'm sooo happy, i was at my hip hop dance tonite and as part of the dance transformation programme i am doing you weigh in every week.....and.... (drum roll) ive lost 2 and three quarters pounds!!!!! im so delighted, plus i really worked out tonite and sweated that extra bit!!! lol! anyway i cant believe its been nearly a week since i blogged. lots has happened, mainly my best friend got her little boy christened last saturday and we had a lovely day. had a few bevvies and some food and ended the day reasonable early came home at 8pm.

the rest of the weekend or what was left consisted of DG duties and other bits and pieces overall it was a pretty quite weekend. this week however is a different matter. my mam is on crutches as she had her bunion off last week. think she is finding it a bit difficult all the sitting down and resting as she is normally up and about and going non stop. she keeps saying she doesnt want to be bothering ppl but ive told her thats what we are here for plus its the least we can do considering what she has done for us throughout our lives. she has to stay on the crutches for 6 weeks so it will be fun! lol!

anyway tomorrow starts off with a visit to the spa! i know i wish i could say that everyday. my friend linda and i are heading in to the lyrath hotel to use up the rest of our vouchers then thats it. boo!!! we are having the hydrotherapy treatment which involves getting into a swimsuit but i dont mind once it relaxes me and then im having the all over body massage.......heavennnn!!! then its back to work to face hormonal teenagers...but at least i wont get stressed easily ill be well relaxed.

anyway ill stop blathering

talk soon

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen....It's your new.....

DANCING DIVA!!! Well i joined the hip hop fitness class last night with my pal Linda and it was brilliant. I felt like Britney Spears but twice her body weight!! lol! oh and not half a good a dancer as she is.....BUT......i shall be by the end of the 8 weeks. It was great fun, we learned a few moves and bopped about a bit...."" yeh its all about letting go....have no inhibitions juust shake that booty....shake that booty...sorry getting carried away now.

Anyway another part of the class is that you can sign up for a dance transformation thingy..basically its an exercise regime of your dance class weekly, 15 mins resistance exercises eg push ups etc. and 2 days of 20 min walks which is pretty simple enough then this is the hard bit, you have to follow a healthy eating plan, its not called a diet cos you can eat all foods but have to cut down on carbohydrates! it gives you a big list of ideas you can have for brekkie, dinner and tea aswell as eating out tips and what you can have. so im totally motivated now and im gonna do it. There is a prize at the end so who ever looses the most weight in the class will get a style makeover, or another 8 weeks of free dance classes which i would prefer to be honest. So ill be hip hopping around the house now for the next 8 weeks as my cats watch on....probably thinking "lord god, why did you have us living with this nutter"!!!! lol!

God, i actually think i have run out of something to say! shock horror!! right ill leave it at that i think. OH! before i sign off we did get our bathroom stuff yesterday and OH did buy jeans, 2 pairs actually and no to answer your question i didnt make him buy anything else, he had me well warned going over in the car not to be up to my usual tricks!

hee hee!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just another Manic Monday....oh oo oh!

morning all,

im up and about early this morning and decided to blather a bit on here. OH is making my brekkie having sausages and rashers. Then we are hitting the tile shops in Carlow to look for our bathroom stuff, then OH has to buy some jeans (well overdue in my opinion). Normally he warns me before i go into the shop with him that he is ONLY buying jeans but as soon as he is in the dressing room I hand him in various items of clothing to go with the said He ends up buying 2 or 3 items! What!! i just want my man to look good!

anyway once we have done all that it will be nearly time for me to come back home and go to work, then from there i am heading to my new hip hop fitness class i cant wait! I will be shaking what my mamma gave me round the floor, hopefully what my mamma gave me will reduce a bit in size too as a result. i have talked my skinny friend into joining me, but it will be great for her as she has recently become a mammy and it will give her a break away from the baby and a bit of adult company. so thats it really thats my day in a nutshell!

talk soon

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Windy Weekend

OMG the wind this weekend was crazy, yesterday i thought the house was going to blow down, felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, wouldnt mind but have the red shoes to match in the wardrobe! lol! it was pretty bad here cos the house is up on a bit of a height, our leccy went for a bit but nothing major, compared to some places around my poor friend was trying to cook dinner by candlelight in her house! lol!

anyway i havent really been up to much since i posted last, just makes me feel better if i post every few days. i have been really mad at myself cos i said yesterday i was going to do some crafting but that didnt happen, instead i used the bad weather as an excuse to snuggle down on the sofa, now when i look at other peeps blogs and see the work they have done im not impressed with myself. oh im finding it soooo hard to get going. i cleaned off my desk and thought yes my mojo is back i even altered an address book but then that was it, zapped again of all mojo!

i have been asked by the youth club to make valentines cards with the members, its grand there is only about 9 or 10 there but i need to get organised and make a few cards to show them, plus get all the materials i can and most of that will have to be downloads from the net cos they cant afford to spend loads on materials, plus the woman that runs it is as tight as the proverbial ducks bottom so she wont splash out. but thats another story! ill say no more!

so today is sunday, im still in my pjs just had a scone and a mug of coffee for brekkie, i know, not a very healthy brekkie but MIL had been visiting her friend last nite and brought them home so i had to try them just to see if they were nicer than my (that i have never made). that is something i have planned to do when we move into our house, is to start baking and experimenting with food, its just to find some guinea pigs to try it is the problem. i wouldnt dare try baking here, MIL is a verteran at it and couldnt bare her looking over my shoulder telling me that im doing this wrong and to do it this way (her way!). We have all been there with MIL's but somehow I hadnt seen myself living with her, although its not all bad, only for her and hubbie putting us up we wouldnt be able to build our house, but you just cant help i right? please say yes! lol!

anyway thats enough blather from me, not sure whats on the cards today, hopefully bit of card making if i can drag my lazy a*s* out of the leaba and get motivated, OH is up at the house working with my dad and my bro they were rearing to go this morning, rang at 9.30 to see if OH going up, so he grabbed the oppurtunity of help while he could. right thats it im shutting up now, jesus that coffee really has me, now that i think of it i did put 2 spoons in!

good luck!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Freezing Friday!!

hi ,

i know its been a long time since i updated this, but didnt really have much news til now but gonna fill ye all in now on the excitement that is my! not!

before i start though i just want to say a huge thank you to sarah!!! she has nominated my blog as the coolest blog she knows and has given me an award this lovely butterfly award below. ok it wont paste onto it for me, typical! will have to find out how to put it up from one of the other bloggers.

anyway since i last blogged, a few things have happened that would be worth mentioning. the company i am working with has merged with another company and they will eventually be moving their office which is based in our local town to kilkenny, so all the guys that work there will be moving which is a bit sad as it was nice to call in and see them every day to say hi. im not really sure how our jobs stand, we are fine for the moment i hope but as they are based on funding its difficult to say what will happen next year. so im keeping my fingers crossed that we get another year from it as i really love it and dont fancy looking for a new bloody job, all that crap of doing interviews and sending off cv's it drives me nuts!!

we have booked a holiday to the U.K. in february and i cant wait! it will be nice to get a break, we kinda hummed and hawed over it and were going to wait until april until we were in our house but im just sooo impatient and decided we would go in feb. OH is working really hard at the house at the mo so it will be a bit of a break for him aswell. It's all jobs that i cant do cos im not strong enough. (pout) lol! now what else has happened.....mmmm....oh i tidied my craft desk up and guess what, i found my mojo, yep it was there all along hiding under all my xmas stash that i never put away. so i had a big tidy up and put away all my xmas stuff till next year! then....i tried my hand at altering an address book i had bought ages back and had planned to give to my MIL for her xmas pressie and i did it took awhile but i did it. need to practice a bit though and to use not so very good paper cos i put lovely paper on my first attempt and had to rip it off. but as they say you learn from your mistakes!!

Right, thats enough blathering from me! Talk soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back To The Grindstone

Well today was my 1st day back to work after 2 and a half weeks. The kids were hyper and couldnt wait to tell us what they got for xmas, have to say it was nice to see them again and to get back into a routine. I'm feeling much better today and got some fresh air into my lungs which was nice as i hadnt left the house in the last 3 days.

something is telling me that i already posted on here today, you know its either a feast or a famine with just checked and i did!

ah well!

It's over.......

That's it.....its over, christmas officially finished yesterday! Down with the deccies, tree and cards, i can't believe it. The place will look soooo bare! And dusty! lol! Has to be done though. I havent posted in a while cos i was hit with that bloody bug but luckily i escaped the worse and think i only got the tail end cos some ppl have been really unfortunate and been sick for weeks with it. The touch of it that i got was horrible so cant even imagine what its like to have the full blown thing.

One of the girls i worked with in the creche and a friend of mine text me this morning to say she was pregnant, 2 months, i cant believe it and im delighted for her cos she was desperate to start trying for kids. I better get a move on i suppose, just wish this house would hurry up and finish so i could move in but in the mean time i can practice! he he!! Isnt the weather freezing!!!! i was laughing last nite to myself (i know its a sign of madness) as i watched the weather forecast but we have a town in Ireland called Birr and it was minus 6 there last nite so it was pretty brrr there!!! get it???? i know sad joke OH just looked at me blankly when i said it to him

Im back to work today but dont mind as its the 1st time out of the house in 3 days so i have decided to walk up and get fresh air into my lungs, although will wrap up warm. Gonna put on my fake ugg boots as they are cosy and brave the elements, before that though i need to make dinner for OH and dye my hair and have a shower, at the moment i look like i have been pulled through a ditch backwards, i swear, i would pass for the wild woman of borneo, you know i think she even looks better than i do at the mo! BB is back on our screens, boy does that Tina one get on my nerves, she is soooo rude and such a man! She has no manners and doesnt know how to keep her opinions to herself!! I'm loving mini me (vern) how cute is he? bet he hates ppl thinking that of him it must be so hard for the other housemates not to treat him like a kid he is so tiny and cute all you want to do is mind him! How witty is he though, i piddled myself laughing at him impersonating coolio last nite, he had him down to a T. it was excellent!

anyway thats enough rambling for one day, maybe if i updated every day i would talk so much s*i*e! lol.

Talk soon. I shall return, washed groomed and not at all looking like the wild woman of borneo!!!