Wednesday, October 6, 2010

uploading pics to blogger


im having trouble uploading pics to blogger in that they take forever, i have followed the steps for uploading and everythign seems to be fine sometimes they upload fine but then there are times it will take forever and i get a message saying the pics are being uploaded and then it comes up with an error message.

our broadband wouldnt be the quickest but it uploads pics to other sites fine. dont suppose anybody has any suggestions as to how i can get round this.


Hump of the Week...

Grab some candy....

Deirdre over on colour and ink blog is giving away some yummy Honey & Hugs stamps and other bits all you have to do is just go to her blog and leave a comment and follow her blog if not already doing so.

here is the link.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

autumn themed swap card

i made this autumn themed swap card for a challenge on Celtic Crafers forum that i am a member of, the brief was to emboss, emboss, emboss, with cuttlebug embossing folders. This is what i came up with, i used brown and burnt orange coredinations card which was embossed with the script folder and raised dots foler. Also used my fave little gruffies stamp and coloured him in with my fave twinkling h2o's.

Im going to enter this card into SFTW challenge theme which is "Autumn". Its my first challenge to enter so hopefully luck will be on my side...

if you would like a go at the challenge its on here:

here is the pic of my card.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christmas Mojo ......

Is in full swing. Due to our baby arriving mid December I decided last month to make a start on my christmas cards, unfortunately im not an organised person usually and I have totally surprised and surpassed myself cos I actually have 7 Christmas cards done, A5 cards!!! Im really enjoying doing them though when normally each year it feels like a chore, but the xmas mojo is in full swing and im flying through them.

Of course I have over 40 to make! lol! but ill get there and plan to have them all done by the end of October. Ive started a littel production line and its working so I shoudl reach my goal. Also plan to have all the christmas presents bought by then too. :) I will take photos of the cards i have already made and try and post them up, think i have the hang of it now.

I also made a September swap card today for a forum im part of the theme was to use as many cuttlebug folders as you could. Unfortunately i dont have many folders (but plan on changing that ;)) so i worked with what i had and was thrilled with the results. Will also take a pic and post it up later.

Off now to enjoy my sunday dinner.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

some cards from me

The joys of pregnancy......

you know pregnancy is great, it really is. once you get over the initial sickness and tiredness and the fact that your body is expanding whether you like it or not :). well something new happened me yesterday....something my friend told me when she was on her 1st pregnancy and i nearly died laughing...oh yes thought it was hilarious i did. Until happened me yesterday!

I was out doing the grocery shopping standing in one of the aisles and sneezed, panic ensued cos i nearly wet meself! so i guess its time to root out the tenas! ;) lol. Had to text my friend to tell her and she nearly died laughing herself as did my OH when i told him. Thankfully i was in the aisle on my own so nobody could see the horror on my face! lol. Have also been told that from here on in its constant trips to the loo.....the joy! lol. Anyway enough of that potty talk. Weather is miserable, it doesnt know what it wants to do, sat here watching the sun shining and then an unmerciful rain shower followed.

Im trying to figure out how to upload pics on here, its so long since i blogged i cant remember and i want to post up some pics of cards i have been doing while i was missing. Hopefully i will get my head around it.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Its been awhile.....

so much for making more time for blog hopping, lots has happened since my last post. little did i know that when i posted that life was gonna change. Im now 29 weeks pregnant lol! so there hasnt been much time for blogging, but im still fitting in the me time and the craftin so 2 out of 3 aint bad!

our little bundle of joy is due on 10th december. I'm hoping he/she is gonna be punctual and arrive about then, id like to be home for xmas and settled. The pregnancy is going well and sometimes i think its an irish dancer i have inside me, it never stops...but thats a good sign! :). I have started my xmas cards and set up a little production line for myself, so i have stamped images in 1 bag, paper in another, card in another and embellies in another, im still adding to it as i have loads of cards to do and i plan on having them all done by the end of october. My xmas shopping has started too and that should be done by end of october aswell...I know i have never been so organised, pregnancy is great. well the fact that i am due 2 weeks before xmas doesnt give me much time for shopping and i aint traipsing about the busy streets with a big bump on me so im getting it all done now.

I have made loads of cards over the past few months, lots of wedding cards that i will try and upload here, if i can remember how to. lol. right thats about it for now.

talk soon.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Saturday


Its ages since I have posted on my blog, so much has been happening, life seems to be passing me by lately, so i have made an executive decision to make more time in my life for the important things.

Blogs, crafting, me time, more crafting, stash buying :)

think that just about covers it! lol!

anyway just thought i would pop in and then do a bit of hopping and see whats what!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunny Saturday.......

ooo its such a lovely day today. The sun is high in a lovely blue sky but its cold enough out. thankfully we dont have snow. I hope we have seen the last of that. I had a lovely morning I was awake bright and early and decided to visit my Mam, lol my father asked me was the bed on fire cos I was in so early but it was a shame to stay lying in bed on a sunny morning.
I got my brekkie in my mams a nice fry up.

Now im sitting beside the fire watching create and craft, what better way to pass a saturday afternoon. not much else to say really so gonna go do some hopping!

catch ya later.

Blog Candy!!!

I've got into the addiction of blog hopping and came across Jak Heath's blog its sooooo inspirational. She is an amazing and creative lady. She is also giving away blog candy. She is giving away the full range of her flippin men stamps as well as the next range of flippin men she has designed in total she is giving away 16 stamps!!!! its an oppurtunity not to be missed all you have to do is follow this link and add your name to the list and also add a comment stating what type of medium you use for colouring your stamped images. EASY~~

Best of Luck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Timeout Tuesday

Well I have ALL this week off and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. Ive planned a few visits to friends house for nattering and crafting so I'm looking forward to that. Today though I have to do the boring DG's but I'm also gonna fit in crafting too...think the craftin will come before the DGs. lol!

I'm gonna put up some pics of cards that i have made recently just to show that I am ACTUALLY doing something. Today is really nice out, the sky is blue and the birds are singing so me thinks ill have to take a cycle later.

Ok off to put up my pics now!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tis been a while.......BUT......

I'm BACK!!!!

its been soooo long since i blogged i had actually forgotten my password I had to reset it! lol! not good! anyway wanted to get back into it cos find blogging cleansing of the soul at times, just to type and blather that way my OH's ears get spared! :)

Alot has happened in my life since my last post but I wont bore you with the details. Most importantly we have moved into our new house!!! Have been here now since July 09 and it feels like we always lived here. I cant explain how great it is to have our own space again, it was great that OH;s mam and dad put us up but everyone needs their time and space together and thankfully ours started in July. Moving in was hectic as we still had bits to do. But its great living in the country, you walk and cycle without meeting 1 car and you have pure silence except for the singing of the birds its brilliant!

I have of course been crafting in between and FINALLY have my own craft room!!!! ITS GREAT!!! its my little haven, i can lock myself in and distress and DE -stress :) and just enjoy my bit of time on my own in my own little crafy world, covered in squares from 3d pads and double sided tape, Cos its my world! lol!

I will post up my creations over the past few months. Right off to bloghop for a bit!