Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tis been a while.......BUT......

I'm BACK!!!!

its been soooo long since i blogged i had actually forgotten my password I had to reset it! lol! not good! anyway wanted to get back into it cos find blogging cleansing of the soul at times, just to type and blather that way my OH's ears get spared! :)

Alot has happened in my life since my last post but I wont bore you with the details. Most importantly we have moved into our new house!!! Have been here now since July 09 and it feels like we always lived here. I cant explain how great it is to have our own space again, it was great that OH;s mam and dad put us up but everyone needs their time and space together and thankfully ours started in July. Moving in was hectic as we still had bits to do. But its great living in the country, you walk and cycle without meeting 1 car and you have pure silence except for the singing of the birds its brilliant!

I have of course been crafting in between and FINALLY have my own craft room!!!! ITS GREAT!!! its my little haven, i can lock myself in and distress and DE -stress :) and just enjoy my bit of time on my own in my own little crafy world, covered in squares from 3d pads and double sided tape, Cos its my world! lol!

I will post up my creations over the past few months. Right off to bloghop for a bit!



Dianne said...

Welcome back to blogland Karina !!

kiki's page said...

thanks di not before time either!

Claire's cards said...

Well done Karina, put some pics of your house up as I haven't seen any, I don't want to do facebook.
I looked at your blog last week and wondered if I should delete it as there was no life there:):)):):
So keep going girl.
Claire xxx

kiki's page said...

hi claire!!!

shock!!! cant believe you were going to delete i know i thought it was about time i got back into the blogging, as if im not on enough things i can talk on eh? lol!!

will try and get pics up of the house foryou.