Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Cant Believe....

It's been over a month since i posted on my blog!!! Jees the time flies, I can't believe its only 7 days to christmas im getting so excited!!!! although i still have to finish some cards and get presents sorted and wrapped!

lots has happened over the last month, i finished up my card making classes and got great feedback from them, so hopefully something might turn up for the new year! our house is coming along in leaps and bounds, but still not quickly enough for me! hopefully we should be in next march which really is only 3 mths away and if they go as quick as the last month did then ill be delighted!! lol.

weather is pretty miserable here damp and wet, our adopted cat has tackled the xmas tree and has taken a fancy to the beads and keeps pulling them off, so that needs to be sorted out, was wondering when he would start fiddling with it.

thats all the news i have for the mo.

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