Thursday, November 6, 2008

frustrating thursday

oh god such a day in work, too much to go into here but i am fit to be tied. sick of working my arse off and still expected to perform miracles. very frustrated!!!

other than that the day wasnt too bad, i woke up really tired this morning, i think i have too much on but it keeps me busy, OH even said that to me last nite that i needed to slow down. I also need to go back to the doctor as my heart is starting that funny pulsing again and I'm not sure if its due to doing too much or what. He had told me to come back to get bloods taken so I might go visit him next week. I have a busy day tomorrow making cards for the sale so I am taking it easy tonite chilling by the fire and watching a bit of telly, gonna treat myself to a piece of apple tart soon and a cuppa.

the cat that we have officially adopted i have decided to christen roger, well rog for short, our own cat seems comfortable enough in his company although she still hisses at him just to let him know who's the boss around she has dissapeared since late last nite and has not come home since, although it is raining out so no doubt we will hear her at the window soon, she hates the rain. she is so spoilt its unbelievable!!

anyway thats all my ranting over for now, thanks for reading...


Dianne said...

I knew you would end up keeping Roger!! - they are the ones who decide you know, not us!!! lol

Elisa said...

Hope you're feeling better now.
Baby hamper and card is gorgeous, no wonder your friend in thrilled.
welcome to blogland!

Dianne said...

Had to come back for a second look & to let you know that I left you an award on my blog