Monday, September 20, 2010

Its been awhile.....

so much for making more time for blog hopping, lots has happened since my last post. little did i know that when i posted that life was gonna change. Im now 29 weeks pregnant lol! so there hasnt been much time for blogging, but im still fitting in the me time and the craftin so 2 out of 3 aint bad!

our little bundle of joy is due on 10th december. I'm hoping he/she is gonna be punctual and arrive about then, id like to be home for xmas and settled. The pregnancy is going well and sometimes i think its an irish dancer i have inside me, it never stops...but thats a good sign! :). I have started my xmas cards and set up a little production line for myself, so i have stamped images in 1 bag, paper in another, card in another and embellies in another, im still adding to it as i have loads of cards to do and i plan on having them all done by the end of october. My xmas shopping has started too and that should be done by end of october aswell...I know i have never been so organised, pregnancy is great. well the fact that i am due 2 weeks before xmas doesnt give me much time for shopping and i aint traipsing about the busy streets with a big bump on me so im getting it all done now.

I have made loads of cards over the past few months, lots of wedding cards that i will try and upload here, if i can remember how to. lol. right thats about it for now.

talk soon.


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