Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The joys of pregnancy......

you know pregnancy is great, it really is. once you get over the initial sickness and tiredness and the fact that your body is expanding whether you like it or not :). well something new happened me yesterday....something my friend told me when she was on her 1st pregnancy and i nearly died laughing...oh yes thought it was hilarious i did. Until happened me yesterday!

I was out doing the grocery shopping standing in one of the aisles and sneezed, panic ensued cos i nearly wet meself! so i guess its time to root out the tenas! ;) lol. Had to text my friend to tell her and she nearly died laughing herself as did my OH when i told him. Thankfully i was in the aisle on my own so nobody could see the horror on my face! lol. Have also been told that from here on in its constant trips to the loo.....the joy! lol. Anyway enough of that potty talk. Weather is miserable, it doesnt know what it wants to do, sat here watching the sun shining and then an unmerciful rain shower followed.

Im trying to figure out how to upload pics on here, its so long since i blogged i cant remember and i want to post up some pics of cards i have been doing while i was missing. Hopefully i will get my head around it.


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Claire's cards said...

So funny Karina, sure you can remember how to put pics up~~~~~~~, I didn't think your mind is affected by a baby.......