Friday, March 13, 2009

Windy, Blustery Friday

OMG the wind out there is crazy today, its come from nowhere, i went into KK as i had an appointment adn when i came home i could not warm up. Decided to light the fire and snuggle down on the couch with the cats. we all slept for an hour! one is still asleep....think its a cats life!

Have had great news, just found out that I am booked in for Jackies workshop, its great, I cant wait to go in April and meet the girls again and some that I didnt get to meet. The sneeky pics Jackie has on her blog look great too! Going to get the train up, as i am a bit of a wimp and hate driving on dual carriageways on my own, the city freaks me a bit! Will tackle it in May when I have Jess with me.

So ashamed, have absolutely no crafting done this week, tomorrow I plan on swinging the hoover round the house and putting away the clothes that are still sitting on the chair in the bedroom, then im tackling cards, need some inspiration! Have to work tonite but only for an hour and a half but the thoughts of going out in this weather, yuck!

thats the crack from me, nothing exciting!

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