Friday, March 6, 2009

Freezing Friday!!

OMG!!!! im sooooo cold!!! things have been pretty quiet for me lately, didnt really have anything to blog about.

i had a lovely day last sunday though, i went to jackie mooneys card workshop in dublin and had a blast. I also got to meet the crazy ladies from the CCS forum, well some of them! It was great putting faces to the names, Neasa, Babs, Lynda, Amanda, Lorna, Jackie C and Isobel...and of course the host herself, Jackie. It was an excellent workshop and well worth the money, I was knackered after but it was worth it! The laugh we had was brilliant and i realised that i wasnt the only mad one in the room!!! lol!!

A big thank you to Jess for driving up, we finally found our way out of dublin! Thats it really, my life is kinda dull at the mo, havent been up to any mischief, but give me time im sure ill find some way of being bold!!! Watch this space!



Dianne said...

Hope you've warmed up now karina

sandidune said...

I'll be dreaming of shamrocks now!
When are you coming back??
lovely to meet you too and Jess, fair play for coming so far.
Snuggle up there with Clive and get warm!

Jess's craftythings said...

Karina, couldnt have done the driving without you my trusty navigator - we got there on time and prepared for the class, and cant wait to do it again
lvoe the blog background feels very irish!

Neasa said...

"You realised you weren't the only mad one in the room"??????? Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you!!!! Ya nutter! It was so lovely to meet you at last hun. You were exactly as I thought you'd be, just a little too handy/sneaky with the camera for my liking.....I can't have my face shown anywhere hun, witness protection and all that. You know yourself like..... ;) Oh no, word recognition, wish me luck! x