Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i know its been ages....but....

ive been really busy!!! ok thats a lie i havent! TBH when i log onto this pooter by the time i have gone into all my forums, email, social pages, i forget about my poor little blog! anyway i have been up to lots of mischief so time to fill you in....are ya sitting comfortably? this could take some time!

We arrived home from a lovely holiday in the England last sunday, we spent a week with OH's sis and aunt, switching houses like no mans business, had to keep them all happy. lol! anyway it was great we chilled, spent money, more money...oh yes and more money! but feck it we were on hols. We shopped till we sec postman at the door! right im back...sorry! where was i, oh yeh shopped till we dropped, bought clothes, SHOES (of course) card stash and lots of it, no point in only half doing it now is there? Then we visited IKEA and bought a gorgeous picture for over our bed aswell as some other smaller bits. Ate like pigs and vegged out, it was great, we forgot about the hum drum of daily life here and then last sunday, BANG! we were back home. anyway im totally refreshed, loving my new stash and cant wait to have an excuse to wear my new shoes! (ha like i need an excuse!)

So its back to the grindstone, until the next few days off which is Paddy's weekend, now there's an excuse to wear my new sparkly green shoes! OH doesnt like them he thinks they are tacky, but what do men know about shoes!! ok im blabbering. anyway thats my holiday in a nutshell, you missed have pins and needles by now, so i wont torture you!

talk soon


Dianne said...

Great to have you back Karina & love the new look blog

kiki's page said...

thanks di!