Monday, February 9, 2009

Mother In Laws.....

who would have them?????? oh i really need to move into this new house, im cracking up (really wanted to put a swear word in there but not very blog like!). i swear if we dont get into this house by may, im pitching a tent and camping up there until its time to move least i would have some.....PEACE!!!!

we are coming up to the 2 year mark living with the inlaws and its getting hard now! i just feel that every move we make is questioned, analysed and feckin debated over as regards the house. OH is feeling the pressure now too and he is fighting back....but he can its his mother, i cant exactly turn around and scream at much as I'd like to. Has anybody else encountered this, i mean living with the inlaws for a bit. The worst thing is it makes me feel guilty when i give out about her cos at the end of the day she is letting us stay here while we build a house, and i suppose for some ppl reading this they are probably thinking " listen to that ungrateful cow!". But if you were here you would understand what i mean. AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! ok thats off the chest now...onto some positive thoughts! lol!

my niece made her confirmation on saturday and we went to dinner with her yesterday, had a lovely day. I made up a craft box for her and gave it to her as a pressie as she really enjoyed the cardmaking i did with them the other day. Now i have my other niece biting at my heels for a craft box too, for her birthday which is August....think ill have to make up something small before then, or she will have a coronary! Anyway on my last post i said i was going to go sledding but that didnt happen....i know, i got too lazy that night by the fire and the thoughts of sliding down a snowy hill didnt really appeal to me. Then the next day i regretted it cos cuz told me they had an even better time than the night that will teach me to be soooo lazy!

We are heading away to England next Sunday and I cant wait for the break, getting myself a tattoo over there...yes ...yes...i know im mad. I have one already on my right shoulder so have decided to get another on the inside of my right arm...did i post this on my last blog...feck it cant remember (alzheimers is setting in...think thats spelt wrong too!)...where was I...oh yeh getting a tattoo on the inside of my right arm, im thinking of flowers...daisies preferably, as they remind me of my childhood, he loves me he loves me not. Yes bet ye did that too! anyway its going to be daisies and some little butterflies hovering over the daisies...hard to describe but will post up a pic when its done. The snow has left us and has been replaced with Mr. Frost and I'm happy. I love frosty days at least you can walk up the town without been threatened that a snow ball will hit you across the lug at any minute!

Right thats enough blabbering on for one day, considering i hadnt posted in 4 days, not a lot really happened in my sad is that.

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