Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snoozy Saturday!

im having a major chill out day today, im still in my pjs, partly cos i have a bit of a head cold and not feeling the best, so im making sure i stay in today so that i am fit and well for jackies workshop tomorrow in Dublin! I'm soooo excited and cant wait. It means I get to meet all the ppl i have been chatting to on the CS forum for the last year and a bit and its goin to be great to put the faces to the names.

I had planned to do some crafting today but unfortunately thats not happening so far. Later I have to pack my bag for tomorrow and sort out my lunch so that will keep me busy for awhile, but for now, im chilling by the fire and surfing the net.

AAhhh i love saturdays!

1 comment:

Neasa said...

It was so lovely to meet you today. You are such a sweetie. How are your flaps now? haha