Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A snug fit!!!

im soooo happy today. as ive said in my previous post, i am currently trying to loose weight. well this morning i searched through my wardrobe and came across a pair of combats that were too tight on me a while ago. put them on for the laugh to see how they were and they fit...very snugly! i even have to tie the little tie thingy on them as they are a little loose! im delighted its spurred me on to continue on my way now! unfortunately had no hip hop class last nite due to the snow so didnt get to weigh myself, so have to work extra hard this week to make sure im down in weight. im really enjoying my change of eating habits its brill and i dont feel like sweet things or taytos at all and if i do, i just go get an apple and that satisfies me!

anyway we have had snow here since yesterday which meant the schools were closed and i wasnt working. it was great, i spent all day yesterday crafting didnt leave the bedroom till 9.00pm last nite. which is a first for me! today i plan on bringing my crafty bits down to my niece, she is off school today and with my mam who is housebound as she is on crutches so i told her we would make cards. her face lit up which was nice cos havent done it with her before, although have been meaning too, cos she is quite artistic so looking forward to seeing what she creates. have a lovely roast chicken in the oven as i type for dinner and cant wait to munch on it, im starving! anyway not much else has happened to post about. oh im going out the country tonite with my cousins, they were sledding last nite where my mam grew up as there is a huge hill there and they had great crack. when i say sledding, they werent actually using sleds, but am....a canoe and a rubber ring that you use in the pool! lol! she said it was great crack so im going with them tonite, i will be like the michelin woman ill have so much layers on me!!

talk soon!

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Dianne said...

OMG Karina, you really are nuts!!