Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny Saturday......

But not feeling really sunny on the inside. Feeling quite pre menstrual energy has dissapeared for the last 2 days and feeling bloated and fat! Why did got invent periods, jesus they are a pain in the proverbial, aswell as the back, stomach and anyway else the feckin cramps get ya. Hey ho, the joys of being a woman eh? Well im sure i will survive, always do, nothing about 10 paracetamol cant cure and a few vodlkas....kidding!

I havent blogged in a week I cant believe it, not like me to have nothing to say is it? Wouldnt mind but it hasnt been very busy, I just kinda filled in time faffing about a bit. Managed to make a few cards which i will post up in a bit so my mojo is still there (just about). I went and got my hair cut on Thursday to somebody i dont normally go to, had a cut and colour and she only charged me 40e i was in shock, i would normally pay 60-65e in kilkenny, so need i say more but she is my new hairdresser :). When i came home though i was sorry i didnt get it cut shorter, so after lots of looking in the mirror humming and hawing and consulting OH i decided feck it im going to. I rang the girl yesterday and im booked in for next friday, so the long locks are going....only to shoulder length, but thats a huge challenge for me considering my hair has been so long for ages! Time for a change, me thinks. I have taken a before pic fromt he other day and will post up the after pic next saturday, to give the full on "shock effect"!

Right Im starting to talk crap now, cos really have nothing else to tell ye, other than our heating boiler arrived the other day for the house, (see interesting isnt it) lol! OH had to pull it apart to see how it worked....tut! Men! they get excited about the most mundane things! lol!
ok im off to try and upload these pics of the cards i made, enough blabbing from me!


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