Sunday, April 5, 2009

what a great day!

i spent today at jackies workshop in dublin again and it was great! i really enjoyed it! got to meet babs and lynda again and met pam and mandy for the first time, both are on the CS forum..

we had a good laugh today, although we were much quieter than we were the last day, lynda reckons its the atmospherics! i put that down to being disorganised and everything going wrong on me craft wise, aswell as having a few blonde moments this morning at the train station, such as nearly getting on the train to kerry and not having change for the parking so a really decent passer by lent me 2euro, she will be rewarded for this act of kindness i hope in some way!

babs very kindly picked me up from heuston, in her stylish coupe and dropped me back, hinting to make sure i get on the right train! tut! cheeky! lol! it was such a stress free way to travel and i sat back and relaxed the countryside whiz by on the way home, wow there are some amazing big houses in kildare on the way down!

came home and OH had my tea on for me (least he could do i was supposed to be watching sex and the city film but it didnt happen something wrong with it. thats my exciting day, will post again soon.



Pam said...

It was really great to meet you today Karina. Could hear you all the way down the end of the room... You really are a chatter lol.

Elaine said...

Awwww so glad you had a great day Karina :) and that OH had tea ready... its expected lol... :)

Elaine x

sandidune said...

phew, glad you made it home!!
Did you get a table seat on the train?? Hope you didn't have to use my technique to get it!

kiki's page said...

yeh got a table seat on the train...and no babs didnt use your technique, had to share it though (the seat) not the technique!

really pam could you hear me that much???

Neasa said...

See, if someone would take me each month I could be there to keep ye organised! And I NEED to know Bab's technique for getting a table seat!!! Hope to see ya again very soon honey! ;)