Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a beautiful day!!!!!

I had a "crafty" visitor Jess called up to me for a day of crafting and chatter. It was lovely,. even though my mojo wasnt in full swing I still managed to get 3 cards done, all with the same stamped image but cos I dont really do "simple" sytles of card i was trying to!
I think I achieved what I wanted...sort of. Jess had a few problems with her flaps again!!! DONT ASK! (she was trying to make a box). The weather was great this morning and I got loads of washing done which was hanging nicely dryin on the line, when I looked out and there is was spilling rain. But i rescued them and they are now drying on the radiator. The evening has turned wet, cold and miserable.

A big thank you to Jess for bringing up the yummy lemon cake, its gorgeous, FIL gave it the thumbs up too Jess!!! He thought it was lovely, MIL has competition with you! Right I think I will head down and do some cards, my OH has decided to abandon me and go up to the house to do some work so I will make the most of the peace and quiet.

Thats all for now!! Will post up the pics of the cards I made in a bit.



Neasa said...

It must be wonderful to have someone closeby who can actually craft with you as opposed to over a computer IYKWIM. I'd love that. Sorry to hear the weather didn't keep there. The sun shone all day here. Pity I wasted it cleaning out blocked pipes/drains. And not even MY pipes/drains. (My house's pipes Karina.......)

kiki's page said...

u know me too well!!! pmsl!