Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Right i needed to let off some nervous energy!!! so what bette rway the to blog it out of me!
The weather today is sooo much better than yesterday, I managed to fit my walk in, did a mile! thats pretty good! My mojo was swinging yesterday and made some cards lots more to do for challenges and easter etc...i know leaving it a bit late for the easter cards!

Today I decided to get into the Easter mood and make some chocolate bunnies, melting chocolate is about as far as my baking skills go...I was half thinking of making queen cakes...and thought better not, would be doubtful as to how they would turn out! lol! so i made the easter bunnies and they are cooling off in the fridge as i speak. i plan to put them in an easter card i made for Clive's 2 nephews in England, the easter card they are going into is one of the beautiful ones that i made in jackies workshop (that i still need to put a pic up of! )

i will post up a pic of the little bunnies when they are done, also have chocolate robots too! I dont really know what to do with myself today, I want to make cards but my mojo is slipping...I need to make cards, have loads of easter cards to get out to friends, im leaving it late i know! right off to see if i can do something with the rest of this nervous energy, hopefully it will form in the shape of some nice handmade cards.

will post what i make later!




Anonymous said...

Well done on doing your mile Karina, you will hit your target before you know it lol!
Will have to get some moulds so I can do little lollies for that card from Jackie's workshop.

Neasa said...

How about burning off some of that energy doing my challenge?!!!! You were all for it last week!