Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have started making xmas cards, my mojo for the old xmas cards was gone there for a few days but I think it has returned. I have made 3 cards in total...lol I know not many but its a start, 2 of them are for a sale that I am donating the cards to, still have a long way to go cos plan on making up about 5 packs of cards with 5 cards in each pack and let the people running the sale decide what way they want to sell them. If they sell any..lol. But at least it is a bit of advertising from me.

Today is pretty miserable kinda hazy and wet looking out, no rain yet thankfully. We finally figured out last night that we don't have mickey mouse in our room that the noises we were hearing were coming from the attic above us, so Clive decided to point out to me this morning at 5am, so I reckon we could have Mickey's close cousing Roger Rat in the attic. The poor cat was getting the blame for bringing in the mouse and she was innocent...this time.

Not sure if I mentioned that we have fostered another cat, it arrived here about 3 weeks ago and hasnt left since. We were giving it bread and milk but then I decided the poor mite should have some decent cat food so bought her some last night in the shopping, our own moggy doesnt seem to mind her too much, although there is a bit of hissing from her when she sees her at first but she does seem happy enough in her company. Think her nose might be a little out of joint as she gets all our attention, I swear it's like having children!! lol.

Anyway thats as much news as I have today, oh was talking to another friend of mine and she told me she is pregnant,. bloody hell its catching, let's hope it doesnt come my way for a little bit at least not till we get the house finished!

Thats it, talk soon.

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Dianne said...

Can't wait to see your Christmas cards Karina:)

What did I say about many a true word spoken in jest!!!! be careful ((wink))