Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's the hump of the week...'s wednesday, getting closer to the weekend. Boy what a morning its been for me. To cut a long story short couldnt find the key of my car this morning after spending half an hour looking for it realised i had left it in a pocket of one of my coats that i rarely wear. Went to park my car and the machine swallowed the only euro i had, then came home and went to get OH lunch the clock in the car said 1.00pm he comes home at 1.15pm ran in got his roll and came home to look at the clock and find out that it was only forgot to put the clock back an hour in the car...jees i could have cried!! OH phsl at me when i rang him and told him. let's hope thats it for the day, i have my cardmaking class tonite and we are making xmas cards so hope nothing goes wrong for that.

i didnt get a chance to make any cards today, got some xmas cards made last nite and staying with my friend tonite cos her hubby is away for work so wont get any done tonite either. tomorrow i should get a few more done and friday cos not working need to have a good few done for the sale as i am donating a few cards to it. so hoping to have about 15 only 12 more to make so no pressure!!

not much else to write about, i received my half price goodies from craft factory, and im looking at the lovely xmas magnolias that are for sale on cardz n scrapz. i have to stop buying crafty stuff, i have to get my new card on the road soon and need money for that.

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