Saturday, November 1, 2008

productive saturday

hi all,

well today i sat down and made the baby boy card for my friend, i am over the moon with it, it is the best card i have made since i started card making. i hope she is going to like it. i also have to make up her gift basket today so think i will tackle that next, i was going to make some xmas cards but bit tired, as the baby card took me most of the morning to do, between feeding my cat, making dinner for OH and sorting out the washed clothes.

our bloody cat is so spoilt its unbelievable, when i was here this morning starting the card she decided to wake up from her slumber and come for some snuggles (that normally means, feed me!) she kept purring and purring at me and walking over the keyboard of my lappie until i had to give in, she is unbelievable, but wouldnt be without her. Yesterday she decided to have a nap on the fish tank, got a pic of that to and will post it up along with the others. She is a right scamp!

will post up a pic of the finished gift basket and the card later this evening, gonna keep ye in suspense for a its a cold cold day today and that sky out there is very like snow, i have the heating on but cant seem to warm my tootsies up. I have to go up town later and dont really want to face the cold but will wrap up and do my jobs as quick as i can.

talk later.

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Dianne said...

Can't wait to see all your pics Karina!