Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the winner is..........

I'm so thrilled. I have just been nominated as member of the month on our Celtic crafters forum. It's such a lovely place with great craic and banter, and as for the women on there they pretend they're not but really they are as mad as I! So i just want to say a huuuuggge THANKS to everyone on there and looking forward to the little pressie coming my way!

Well....I have come back down to earth after loosing my little bit of weight and celebrated yesterday with my friend at the Lyrath Spa in Kilkenny. It was heaven!! We did the thermal suite experience which involved chilling out in a lovely hot jacuzzi type thingy (great description I know) for about 45 mins, it involved lots of jets aswell as being able to look out through a non glass window on the ground of the hotel, so you had a mixture of the breeze on your face and the warm water heating you up as there was lots of steam, so did the old spots the world of good! lol! then we decided to brave the sauna and lasted probably about 10 mins in there, how cool were we,not very to be honest, it felt like our nostrils were on fire so we decided enough was enough. That was followed by a quick drink in the relaxation room where they had big couches and fruit and mags, we lounged around in there for about 15 mins and then jumped back into the jacuzzi. This was followed by a full swedish body massage!!!! HEAVEN!!! It was sooo relaxing although I had a terrible migraine after but think alot of it was to do with not having much to eat and my sinuses were acting up too. But it was a really enjoyable day after all!

Due to my horrible headache I didnt make it to my set dancing class but instead managed to get some lovely stamped images that Jess sent me up coloured in. So what has today got in store, not much considering its not 11.30am and I am working at 2 so will prob try and fit in a clothes wash and make a card or two. So thats my exciting day yesterday, who knows what today has to bring! Will definetely update ye tomorrow though!

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Karina, I have left you a little something on my blog