Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's over.......

That's it.....its over, christmas officially finished yesterday! Down with the deccies, tree and cards, i can't believe it. The place will look soooo bare! And dusty! lol! Has to be done though. I havent posted in a while cos i was hit with that bloody bug but luckily i escaped the worse and think i only got the tail end cos some ppl have been really unfortunate and been sick for weeks with it. The touch of it that i got was horrible so cant even imagine what its like to have the full blown thing.

One of the girls i worked with in the creche and a friend of mine text me this morning to say she was pregnant, 2 months, i cant believe it and im delighted for her cos she was desperate to start trying for kids. I better get a move on i suppose, just wish this house would hurry up and finish so i could move in but in the mean time i can practice! he he!! Isnt the weather freezing!!!! i was laughing last nite to myself (i know its a sign of madness) as i watched the weather forecast but we have a town in Ireland called Birr and it was minus 6 there last nite so it was pretty brrr there!!! get it???? i know sad joke OH just looked at me blankly when i said it to him

Im back to work today but dont mind as its the 1st time out of the house in 3 days so i have decided to walk up and get fresh air into my lungs, although will wrap up warm. Gonna put on my fake ugg boots as they are cosy and brave the elements, before that though i need to make dinner for OH and dye my hair and have a shower, at the moment i look like i have been pulled through a ditch backwards, i swear, i would pass for the wild woman of borneo, you know i think she even looks better than i do at the mo! BB is back on our screens, boy does that Tina one get on my nerves, she is soooo rude and such a man! She has no manners and doesnt know how to keep her opinions to herself!! I'm loving mini me (vern) how cute is he? bet he hates ppl thinking that of him it must be so hard for the other housemates not to treat him like a kid he is so tiny and cute all you want to do is mind him! How witty is he though, i piddled myself laughing at him impersonating coolio last nite, he had him down to a T. it was excellent!

anyway thats enough rambling for one day, maybe if i updated every day i would talk so much s*i*e! lol.

Talk soon. I shall return, washed groomed and not at all looking like the wild woman of borneo!!!

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Dianne said...

Karina you are seriously broody - clive had better watch out, he won't know what hits him once you get into your new house!!! lol
Now stay wrapped up warm cos it is damn cold out there!!
Look after yourself.