Friday, January 16, 2009

Freezing Friday!!

hi ,

i know its been a long time since i updated this, but didnt really have much news til now but gonna fill ye all in now on the excitement that is my! not!

before i start though i just want to say a huge thank you to sarah!!! she has nominated my blog as the coolest blog she knows and has given me an award this lovely butterfly award below. ok it wont paste onto it for me, typical! will have to find out how to put it up from one of the other bloggers.

anyway since i last blogged, a few things have happened that would be worth mentioning. the company i am working with has merged with another company and they will eventually be moving their office which is based in our local town to kilkenny, so all the guys that work there will be moving which is a bit sad as it was nice to call in and see them every day to say hi. im not really sure how our jobs stand, we are fine for the moment i hope but as they are based on funding its difficult to say what will happen next year. so im keeping my fingers crossed that we get another year from it as i really love it and dont fancy looking for a new bloody job, all that crap of doing interviews and sending off cv's it drives me nuts!!

we have booked a holiday to the U.K. in february and i cant wait! it will be nice to get a break, we kinda hummed and hawed over it and were going to wait until april until we were in our house but im just sooo impatient and decided we would go in feb. OH is working really hard at the house at the mo so it will be a bit of a break for him aswell. It's all jobs that i cant do cos im not strong enough. (pout) lol! now what else has happened.....mmmm....oh i tidied my craft desk up and guess what, i found my mojo, yep it was there all along hiding under all my xmas stash that i never put away. so i had a big tidy up and put away all my xmas stuff till next year! then....i tried my hand at altering an address book i had bought ages back and had planned to give to my MIL for her xmas pressie and i did it took awhile but i did it. need to practice a bit though and to use not so very good paper cos i put lovely paper on my first attempt and had to rip it off. but as they say you learn from your mistakes!!

Right, thats enough blathering from me! Talk soon!


Dianne said...

Hey you're back Karina. I will explain to you on CC how to load pics onto your blog.
Hope your Job will be OK - must be worrying for you.

sarah seaman said...

glad you like the award karina, and hopefully you'll work out how to get pics on your blog, if not come onto msn and i'll try and talk you throu it


Jess's craftythings said...

woohoo mojo back.. Karina where the pic of your addy book would LOVE to see it.... thinking of a UK visit too maybe March or April when the fast ferries are on so we can take the car and shop yipee.... Jess xx