Sunday, January 18, 2009

Windy Weekend

OMG the wind this weekend was crazy, yesterday i thought the house was going to blow down, felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, wouldnt mind but have the red shoes to match in the wardrobe! lol! it was pretty bad here cos the house is up on a bit of a height, our leccy went for a bit but nothing major, compared to some places around my poor friend was trying to cook dinner by candlelight in her house! lol!

anyway i havent really been up to much since i posted last, just makes me feel better if i post every few days. i have been really mad at myself cos i said yesterday i was going to do some crafting but that didnt happen, instead i used the bad weather as an excuse to snuggle down on the sofa, now when i look at other peeps blogs and see the work they have done im not impressed with myself. oh im finding it soooo hard to get going. i cleaned off my desk and thought yes my mojo is back i even altered an address book but then that was it, zapped again of all mojo!

i have been asked by the youth club to make valentines cards with the members, its grand there is only about 9 or 10 there but i need to get organised and make a few cards to show them, plus get all the materials i can and most of that will have to be downloads from the net cos they cant afford to spend loads on materials, plus the woman that runs it is as tight as the proverbial ducks bottom so she wont splash out. but thats another story! ill say no more!

so today is sunday, im still in my pjs just had a scone and a mug of coffee for brekkie, i know, not a very healthy brekkie but MIL had been visiting her friend last nite and brought them home so i had to try them just to see if they were nicer than my (that i have never made). that is something i have planned to do when we move into our house, is to start baking and experimenting with food, its just to find some guinea pigs to try it is the problem. i wouldnt dare try baking here, MIL is a verteran at it and couldnt bare her looking over my shoulder telling me that im doing this wrong and to do it this way (her way!). We have all been there with MIL's but somehow I hadnt seen myself living with her, although its not all bad, only for her and hubbie putting us up we wouldnt be able to build our house, but you just cant help i right? please say yes! lol!

anyway thats enough blather from me, not sure whats on the cards today, hopefully bit of card making if i can drag my lazy a*s* out of the leaba and get motivated, OH is up at the house working with my dad and my bro they were rearing to go this morning, rang at 9.30 to see if OH going up, so he grabbed the oppurtunity of help while he could. right thats it im shutting up now, jesus that coffee really has me, now that i think of it i did put 2 spoons in!

good luck!!!


Jess's craftythings said...

one guinea pig reporting for duty here!!
Ps and thats another thing we can do when I visit - get the cake backing while we make the cards and other bits.. have a fab recipe that it all goes in the one bowl same time, whiz with the mixer and thats the mixture done and in the tins!

kiki's page said...

ooooh i like the sound of that one jess, im not very good at measurements!