Monday, January 26, 2009

OH JOY!!!!!!

i'm sooo happy, i was at my hip hop dance tonite and as part of the dance transformation programme i am doing you weigh in every week.....and.... (drum roll) ive lost 2 and three quarters pounds!!!!! im so delighted, plus i really worked out tonite and sweated that extra bit!!! lol! anyway i cant believe its been nearly a week since i blogged. lots has happened, mainly my best friend got her little boy christened last saturday and we had a lovely day. had a few bevvies and some food and ended the day reasonable early came home at 8pm.

the rest of the weekend or what was left consisted of DG duties and other bits and pieces overall it was a pretty quite weekend. this week however is a different matter. my mam is on crutches as she had her bunion off last week. think she is finding it a bit difficult all the sitting down and resting as she is normally up and about and going non stop. she keeps saying she doesnt want to be bothering ppl but ive told her thats what we are here for plus its the least we can do considering what she has done for us throughout our lives. she has to stay on the crutches for 6 weeks so it will be fun! lol!

anyway tomorrow starts off with a visit to the spa! i know i wish i could say that everyday. my friend linda and i are heading in to the lyrath hotel to use up the rest of our vouchers then thats it. boo!!! we are having the hydrotherapy treatment which involves getting into a swimsuit but i dont mind once it relaxes me and then im having the all over body massage.......heavennnn!!! then its back to work to face hormonal teenagers...but at least i wont get stressed easily ill be well relaxed.

anyway ill stop blathering

talk soon

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